Directors and Officers

Jim Place


James H. Place, P. Geo, President/CEO/Director

Mr. Place has worked for government and private industry as a consultant for more than 30 years this includes engineering groups, environmental assessment specialists, and private mineral developers. He is experienced in providing support to government and private organizations includes property assessment, project planning, management, supervision, and administration for all types of engineering and development projects.

His experience of providing management and directorship on a number of public companies will provide a significant contribution to the Company at this stage of exploration and development.

Gary Musil, Secretary/CFO/Director

Gary Musil has more than 30 years of management and financial consulting experience and has served as an officer and director on numerous public companies since 1988. This experience has resulted in his overseeing the financial aspects and expenditures on exploration projects in Peru, Chile, Eastern Europe (Slovak Republic), and British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick (Canada). Prior to this, he was employed for 15 years with Dickenson Mines Ltd. and Kam-Kotia Mines Ltd. as a Controller for the producing silver/lead/zinc mine in the interior of British Columbia Canada.

Vojtech Agyagos, Chairman of the Board and Director

Mr. Agyagos has more than 25 years of management and financial consulting experience and has served as an officer and director on numerous public companies since 1982. This experience has resulted in his managing exploration projects in South America, Eastern Europe (Slovak Republic)-in oil/gas and mineral exploration, and British Columbia, Quebec, Labrador and Ontario (Canada). Mr. Agyagos has served as President and Director of Belmont since December 1996.

Jared Lazerson, Director

Mr. Lazerson is CEO and Director of MGX Minerals Inc. (CSE:XMG). Mr. Lazerson represents MGX Minerals interest on the Belmont Board. MGX currently has earned a 25% interest in the Kibby Basin project, and is a significant shareholder of Belmont. Mr. Lazerson started MGX in 2014 and has overseen the growth of the Company that now includes multiple industrial technology subsidiaries including rapid lithium extraction technology and battery mass storage, with current mineral exploration operations in four countries. MGX was the winner of the 2018 Standard & Poor’s Global Platts Metals Global Award for Leadership in Base and Specialty Metals. Mr. Lazerson holds a B.A. in International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania.

Karim Rayani, Director

Karim Rayani has spent the last 14 years providing management consulting and investment banking services to companies in the junior mining, bio medical and technology sectors. Mr. Rayani has assisted in raising over $45 million over the last 5 years for public and private companies. Formerly he was head of Bloomberry Capital Group, a Vancouver based merchant bank and capital advisory firm. Currently he is Chairman of R7 Capital Ventures Ltd.; President/CEO/Director of District 1 Exploration Corp.; and Director of Fiber Crowne Manufacturing. Mr. Rayani’s business endeavors have enabled him to establish a global network of contacts with a focus on institutional accounts.

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